Six years later, still ‘LOST’

May 22, 2010

Days before the Series Finale of LOST, my thoughts on the show and how the legacy of a show so epic in stature can be felt on the most personal levels.

Baumbach continues honest, hard-to-swallow portrayals of the human psyche with GREENBERG

May 6, 2010

Noah Baumbach’s “Greenberg” is frustrating, even depressing at times, but that’s entirely the point. Striking a delicate balance between comedy and gloom, “Greenberg” follows its namesake, Roger Greenberg (Ben Stiller, “Night at the Museum”), a 40-year-old carpenter and former musician fresh off a mental breakdown returning to his hometown of Los Angeles.

WHEN YOU’RE STRANGE: A strange journey through the history of the Doors

May 3, 2010

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