From avid film viewer to struggling screenwriter

October 24, 2010

When I watch a film, story can take a back seat, and the macro film’s fatal flaws matter little in the context of the micro scene’s emotional connection. In every subsequent moment, the film has a chance to win me over. I don’t watch anything with a cynical urge to throw it away, and I don’t make a judgment until the closing credits roll. I’m an easy sell. And I’m the type of viewer that movie studios love. That said, much to my chagrin, my viewer identity doesn’t translate well into a creative one.

B-Boy Breakdown: ‘U’ learns some power moves

October 6, 2010

The festival was straight out of a dance film, and overwhelmingly impressive for being witnessed in reality. During the b-boy competition finals, the dancers used their turns, timing and teammates to perfection. Every big move inspired a collective “Oh!” to sweep over the crowd. While the competition was isolated to six participants at a time, there’s no question the b-boy performances get everyone involved, no matter the age and no matter the experience. From the DJ to the dancers, from the MC to the crowd — everybody elevates to the same level.

Film goes digital, as it should

October 3, 2010

Why not digital? There’s a charm to physical film, sure, and it’s everything the industry is based on. We use the word “film” because it sounds sophisticated, and the medium to which it refers is just so. But there’s sophistication to digital “film” as well — an art that hasn’t been fully explored, and has yet to be understood by film viewers.