THE SOCIAL NETWORK and the social network

January 24, 2011

Saverin grabs Zuckerberg’s computer and smashes it to the floor, breaking through the digital wall Zuckerberg has set up for himself. No matter how Zuckerberg tries to talk his way out of this one, the unexpected look of pain as he loses his only friend is remarkably telling, a poignant lesson on the worst effects of seeing friendship as nothing but a digital connection.

Vaughn and James face a dull DILEMMA

January 17, 2011

All puns aside (Howard faces quite the “dilemma” with his latest project!), Howard faces quite the dilemma with his latest project. How do you create serious, interesting characters and place them in situations where comedy ensues? The chosen answer seems to be to cast tentpole comedic actors like Vince Vaughn (“Couples Retreat”) and Kevin James (“Paul Blart: Mall Cop”) and let them create comedy through their onscreen personas. That actually somewhat works, but when it comes to comedy, somewhat working isn’t good enough and doesn’t make for a memorable film.

And the Oscars go to…

January 10, 2011

In many ways, the Academy Awards became like an election, wherein voters didn’t choose the the best film. Instead, the one that fit with the Academy’s image of the award was crowned the winner. Among true film fans, the Academy Awards, and specifically its Best Picture crown, is among the most flawed awards in the book — likely amplified by ceremony’s prominence in the industry as a potential red-herring sign of quality. That said, the Academy, like the community of filmgoers as a whole, is evolving.

Best films of 2010, INCEPTION & THE FIGHTER (#3,#8)

January 5, 2011

INCEPTION: The logistics of “Inception”‘s dream-stealer plot still elude, but figuring it out is half the experience. THE FIGHTER: Wahlberg’s endearing performance is among his best, but it’s the ensemble that steals the show.