Grace and Martin talk ’80s, growing up and TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT

February 27, 2011

Capturing the culture of the 1980s was integral to the production, from the music to the costume design, but aside from the simple elements, Grace also wanted to go beyond what previous retrospective films have done. “We really wanted to make it more the conventions of ’80s films, you know, like stealing a car, chasing a girl,” he said. “But then we wanted to subvert those conventions halfway through the film … we wanted it to be really of the ’80s, but then be its own creature too.”

New Michigan-based film company premieres ‘The Art of Power’

November 18, 2010

“Movies and everything going forward are going to be really different,” he said. “It’s going to be interesting coming up … seeing who makes the first move and what it is.”

SCOTT PILGRIM stars Mary Elizabeth Winstead & Brandon Routh – INTERVIEW

August 8, 2010

“As far as the spirit of the books and the spirit of the characters, I think we all focused a lot on making that really true to the books,” Mary Elizabeth Winstead said. “That was really important to me — just to try and be really faithful to what I envisioned Ramona to be in the books.”

“I loved the little asides and the power-ups,” Brandon Routh said, recalling the video-game narrative style of the book. “There was just another layer of awesomeness and nostalgia … It made it very unique.”

CYRUS directors discuss improv style, careful process

July 5, 2010

“Cyrus” continues the Duplass brothers’ trademark improvisational directing style, which has gained them critical acclaim in years past. “There will be a writing process, and then we start shooting, and we really start seeing what (the actors) are like,” Mark said. “Then we start – even if we don’t put it in the script – tailoring the scenes and how we direct the scenes, going to their strengths and avoiding their weaknesses.”