Franchises, superheroes and adaptations slated for summer film releases (June)

April 17, 2011

Originally published in The Michigan Daily


June is typically filled with franchise pictures, even if not so heavily as its bordering months. This year, the month will start on June 3 with the fifth installment of the X-Men franchise, “X-Men: First Class.” Fox doesn’t seem happy to just keep giving these mutants sequels to play around in, and have opted to instead go backward, sideways and every direction except forward. And it actually gives them exciting opportunities. Check this prequel out for some pre-superhero mutant action.

On June 10, J.J. Abrams will unveil his third directorial release, “Super 8” — the first he’s been able to write and direct on his own. It’s essentially about some kids who film a freak train wreck with a Super 8 camera. In case you don’t know J.J. Abrams … weird shit ensues.

The following week will be led by “Green Lantern,” the DC Comics adaptation with Ryan Reynolds playing the ringbearer himself … in 3-D! Other releases include R-rated comedy “Bad Teacher,” which features Jason Segel as a gym teacher and Cameron Diaz as a schoolteacher raising money to get breast implants to win over Justin Timberlake. Even if it sucks, the situation sounds like a win-win-win. The month finishes off on June 24 with “Cars 2” — Disney’s attempt to convert its huge off-screen franchise success back into on-screen entertainment. Pixar still rocks, so check it out.

Film to watch out for: “Super 8”


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